We create Therapies against Viral infections



Early stage drug design

The emergence of the extremely aggressive influenza strains, as well as recent outbreaks of Zika and Ebola viruses, has made the likelihood of human pandemic a major worldwide concern. It has also emphasized the need for new therapeutic strategies to combat these pathogens. We employ rational structure-based design of small molecule inhibitors/modulators for diverse molecular targets. Our drug candidates are expected to provide safe and potent alternative to currently utilized antiviral approaches.

Scientific software development

The increasing computational power and sophisticated algorithms allow for rapid drug development and evaluation of candidate drugs, reducing the need for expensive in vitro tests and animal studies. At TherVira, we implement innovative algorithms facilitating the design of novel classes of antiviral drug candidates. We also strongly believe open source creates better technology.

Viral immunology

The high mutation rate of viruses which helps develop drug resistance is a major obstacle in the development of antiviral drugs. Our goal is to harness evolution so it helps us develop better and more potent drugs with substantial support from the human immune system.



Bioinformatician, software engineer, molecular biologist, tinkerer. Kasia is a full stack developer who enjoys tackling on hard backend problems while engineering new approaches to combat viral and bacterial infections.


Bioinformatician-to-be, Python lover right now. Both software and personal development enthusiast. Believes one can make the world a better place by turning it into numbers.